How to Get a Ticket Cleared by Taking a Defensive Driving Course

Updated: 10/07/2022
Here is a simple guide to ticket dismissal through defensive driving classes in Texas

How to Get a Ticket Cleared by Taking a Defensive Driving Course
If you’re here, then it means that you have been assessed a ticket and you aren’t really happy about it. If you believe that you have been wrongfully issued a ticket, it’s possible that you have your ticket cleared by taking a defensive driving course.
Many people forgo this option because they believe that enrolling in a defensive driving course is too time-consuming and monotonous. While that may be the case for some defensive driving schools, the other options of getting your ticket cleared aren’t too favorable.
You could go ahead and schedule a court date to try to get your ticket dropped, but it’s likely that a judge will automatically declare that you pay the ticket. You could pay your ticket which, in addition to taking your hard-earned money, could put a huge stain on your driving record.
When it comes down to it, attending a defensive driving course is the most effective way of getting your ticket dismissed. So, if you want to learn how you can clear your ticket at your local defensive driving school, continue reading for more information.

Find the Right Defensive Driving School
Granted, finding the right defensive driving school can be a challenge. Most of these schools require heavy coursework and are extremely unappealing to drivers who have been given a ticket.
Attending a defensive driving school is a choice, so you should definitely select the right school you are going to be comfortable at. To choose the best defensive driving school, follow these vital tips.
  • Always check online reviews - You can easily separate the quality defensive driving schools for the rest by just seeing what others have said online.
  • Give them a call - Before you enroll in a defensive driving school, you should also give them a call to learn as much as you can before you commit.
  • Check certifications - Every defensive driving school must be certified to provide classes by the state. To make sure you're spending your time at a certified school, look for proof of certification via website or phone call.
Following these tips will ensure that you select the right driving school that fits your preference.

Complete the Course
If you’re an adult with responsibilities, it can be tempting to procrastinate your defensive driving course or even stop doing it. However, if you absolutely have to get your ticket dismissed, then you’ll need to complete your course within the allotted time.
Most defensive driving schools will allow you to work through your course at your own pace. Though, some driving schools won’t be so lenient. Moreover, there are a lot of modern driving schools that will offer online courses to help you complete your course at home or on the go.
If you are going to have your ticket dismissed, you must complete your course despite your schedule and inconveniences.
Obtain Your Certificate
Once you have completed your defensive driving course, you’re all set and ready to begin driving again without any blemish on your driving record. You should receive your certificate when you complete your course immediately. Some defensive driving classes will even ship and mail your certificate to your residence.
Claim Your Insurance Benefits
Attending a defensive driving class is not only beneficial to purge your driving record, but you can also receive some great benefits for your insurance policy. After the completion of your course, you can present your certificate to your insurance provider.
This certificate will make you eligible to receive a discount on your auto insurance for up to three years. This isn’t a required step to getting your ticket cleared, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction if you want to benefit more from defensive driving school.

Happy Driving! Attending a defensive driving course is the best way to have your ticket dismissed quickly without staining your driving record. If you believe that you were wrongfully issued a ticket, then you shouldn’t spend your hard-earned money paying it or taking chances with the court to dismiss it.
By selecting the right defensive driving school, you can complete your course at your own pace while navigating through your everyday schedule. After your class is complete, you can receive your certificate and have your ticket immediately cleared.
This means that if you currently have a ticket that you want to challenge, your best bet is taking a few minutes out of your day to complete a defensive driving course.
For all of the reasons mentioned above, this option will lead to a more favorable outcome than paying your ticket or hoping that it will be thrown out by the judge.

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